I’m thirsty all the time

No, not the thirst for the people you are attracted to, just the feeling or desire to drink water. Damnit, I hate people for ruining regular everyday words. 

got my first wordpress follower. YES! Although i’m not sure why anyone would follow me







this has been a post!


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Will be roaming the streets of Toronto tomorrow for no real reason other than one coffee date with a friend. Very excited!

Sometimes I read things on tumblr written by people I actually know and it makes me want to puke. I just feel sad just sad of how horrible we are to ourselves.

Break the Clock turned 3 today!
Awwww i’ve wasted three years of my life on this.

Break the Clock turned 3 today!

Awwww i’ve wasted three years of my life on this.

A conflicted heart feeds on doubt and confusion,
It will make you question your path, your tactics, your motives
When you stare ahead and darkness is all you see,
Only reason and determination can save you from the abyss
— Revenge


awkward when the ravenswood kids have figured more out in 10 episodes than the PLL girls have done in 4 seasons

Bahaha so true. Not sure why I watch these shows but I do, and now I’ve outed myself. Oops

Also most of those people pretending to be kids in Highschool are around my age. Spencer is older than me, and I’m 26!

I feel really heavy hearted today. Burdened with this secret. How can someones presence in your life be so comforting and painful at the same time.

Sometimes I fantasize about cleaning the toilet with my roommates tooth brush. yeah…….

you raise all my insecurities to the surface of my skin. under the right light i look like i’m adorned with flowers — Warsan Shire on twitter



Food Geometry [mrlovenstein]

In honour of my new healthy-lifestyle regime :D

I want a happiness hat so bad.

Tonight, we dine with ice cream!

Ok so when I put #selfie on a picture of myself, I get likes from randoms I don’t know. I also searched selfie on the little search bar thing and it’s a lot of naked girls. Point noted. Will never use #selfie tag again.